Help The BHS Marching Band Take The Prize

A couple of weeks ago we shared about the contest 94.5 PST was running to vote for your favorite High School Band and we asked you to Help Make The Bensalem High School Marching Band #1.

We said it was a 2 part process. Well, the first part is done.  BHS has made the top 20!

Now the real voting begins, the vote to see which school comes home with the $1000 prize. We only have 3 days left to make that happen.

The good news is everyone can vote once a day for the 3 days we have left!

Send this link to all your friends and family 94.5 PST’s Bands and Fans Competition or share this story on your social media and remind them to vote daily until Oct 7th.

Let’s make this happen Bensalem and help the BHS marching band take the prize.



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