Congratulations To The Snyder And Shafer Grads!

Snyder Grads Photo
Snyder Grads via Bensalem School District

While they may call it a promotion ceremony, it’s a graduation. You’re all graduating to the next stage in your life. Your high school years.

For some of you, it’ll be some of the most powerful memories you form in life. Either good ones or bad ones.

While it’s not always easy to make the transition into high school, you can do it.

Find your true friends and keep them close.
Find your favorite teacher and keep them close.
Listen to your parent’s advice and keep them close.
Listen to your heart and keep it close.
Keep an open mind and question everything.
Don’t be afraid to try new things.
Stepping out of your comfort zone may seem scary but the rewards can be amazing.
Have fun. This is also what high school is for.

And most of all, right now, HAVE A GREAT SUMMER!


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