Zoning Hearing Board Agenda – Monthly Meeting

Zoning Hearing Board Monthly Meeting
November 3, 2022
Bensalem Township Building @ 7:00 PM

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1. Open meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance
2. Statement of Rules and Procedures
3. Approval of last month’s Minutes – October 6, 2022

4.     Continued Hearing, for 1152 Wildwood Ave for Rene Reyes                                Appeal #2021-5060
Location:  1152 Wildwood Ave,
Tax Parcel: 02-055-442
Request: Rear Yard Setback Variance for an existing deck and a proposed roof structure over the existing deck.
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5.     Continued Hearing for Camel Ave and Hulmeville Rd Clayton Mills                      Appeal #2022-3188
Location 2228 Camel Ave
Tax Parcel: 02-052-003
Request: Variance for proposed single family dwelling on nonconforming lot, building area, impervious
coverage, front yard setbacks, accessory structure size.
Attorney:  Michael J. Meginniss, Esq.
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6.     Continued Hearing for 456 Tennis Ave Adnan Shahid                                          Appeal #2022-3189
Location 456 Tennis Ave
Tax Parcel: 02-058-051-001
Request: Variance for accessory structure size and location.
Attorney:  Michael J. Meginniss, Esq.
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7.     Hearing for 488 Mill Road Edward K. Lydon Reality c/o EKL Machine Co.             Appeal #2022-3523
Location 488 Mill Road
Tax Parcel: 02-023-025
Request: Variance for Impervious Coverage, Loading Zone, Front Yard Setback, and Fire Lanes.
Attorney:  Michael J. Meginniss, Esq.
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8.      Hearing for 1650 Rywal Lane for Harry and Anna Marie Downey                          Appeal #2022-1103
Location 1650 Rywal Land
Tax Parcel: 02-030-084
Request: Variance for a pool setback and an accessory structure setback.
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9.      Correspondence 

10.     Adjournment


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