Bensalem Township Announces New Leadership for Fire Dept Consolidation

In a historic move, Bensalem Township has appointed its first career fire chief and deputy chief to lead the consolidation of its fire services.

On February 26, 2024, Mark Antozzeski was named the first career fire chief of Bensalem Township. Antozzeski brings a wealth of experience to the position, where he will oversee the consolidation of the township’s six volunteer fire companies into a unified and more efficient entity. This appointment is seen as a major step forward in enhancing the operational efficiency and safety of fire services in the community.

Following this significant appointment, we learned on June 6, 2024, that Ron Harris, the longest-serving fire chief in the township, was named the first deputy chief for the newly consolidated Bensalem Fire Departments. With his extensive background and leadership in fire service, Harris will assist Chief Antozzeski in managing the transition and ensuring the success of the consolidated fire departments.

Chief Ron Harris
Chief Ron Harris

These appointments are part of Bensalem Township’s broader efforts to improve fire safety and operational effectiveness, reflecting the community’s commitment to adapting and modernizing its emergency services.


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