Eggmania Brings the Spice to Bensalem

was dreamed of by five young friends, who all came from the state of Gujarat, India, and met at University here in the United States and missed the street food that was available when they were growing up. Almost impossible to find in the States, the friends were inspired to open their own restaurant.

“It’s tough leaving your home and the things you’re familiar with – the liveliness of street food culture and the uniqueness of our egg-based meals in India bring people together, and we all missed that,” explains Darshan Patel and Kunjan Patel, two of the five partners.

“We wanted Eggmania to be the place where people could go to not only get good, unique food but to also find the little bit of community and culture that we left behind.”

Within months, the friends opened the first Eggmania in Jersey City, New Jersey in the heart of a thriving Indian community.

Eggmania specializes in egg-based delicacies and authentic Indian street foods and is open in Bensalem in the shopping center beside Patel Brothers.

Eggmania Bensalem
Eggmania Bensalem

Eggmania also serves Bombay-style grilled sandwiches with the choice of eggs, paneer, and chicken along with authentic Indian-flavored Kababs and chicken delicacies. And they of course have plenty of vegetarian options as well.

Eggmania Grilled Sandwiches
Eggmania Grilled Sandwiches

Popular menu items for us here at Bensalem Weekly include Volcano Biryani, Anda Lahori, Angoori Fry, Jetty Roll, Paneer Lava Fry, and the Samosa Grill sandwich. And then there is the dish called Maniac Curry with boiled egg pieces in a spicy tomato-based sauce that has a hint of tartness to it, served with raw onions and buttered slices of white bread toast.

Not only is the food absolutely delicious it’s affordable too.

Just keep in mind the spice level, which some people may consider on the high side and you’ll be just fine.


1953 Street Road,
Bensalem, PA 19020



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