Blue Sunday Bar & Grill

If you’ve seen all the activity where Micheal’s Diner used to be, that would be the new owner renovating the space for the Grand Opening of Blue Sunday II, the tentative name for the new Blue Sunday Bar & Grill location in Bensalem.

And it looks as if they are on schedule to open sometime in August. The Bensalem restaurant will be in addition to its main location in Bowie, MD, and another future location in Linden, NJ.

Micheal’s Diner occupied 3340 Street Rd for 29 years before closing its door in 2021 and it will be nice to have an upscale eatery in its place.

Blue Sunday Bar & Grill
via Blue Sunday Bar & Grill website


Blue Sunday Bar & Grill specializes in American food, Asian fusion, and sushi.

Our chefs are composed of a team of culinary experts with decades of food service background. We know that modern cuisine is constantly evolving. Therefore, our team will always be ahead of the trend and deliver you a remarkable dining experience every time you visit.

The Bensalem location will have a seating capacity of 160, which includes a 20-seat bar area, plus an outdoor patio for up to 35 guests.

If their reviews are any indication, it looks like we’re going to be enjoying ourselves come August.


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