Bensalem Police send out new car theft warning

The Bensalem Police Department has issued a new warning about car thefts in our area after taking numerous reports of thefts from vehicles over this past weekend. Organized groups set out in neighborhoods looking for easy-to-steal automobiles by going vehicle to vehicle, pulling on door handles until they find an open one.

An ongoing concern

As we reported on August 18th, the Eddington area was set upon by car thieves that managed to get away with 3 vehicles, all with the doors unlocked and keys/keyfobs left inside.

The thefts were in addition to a commercial burglary attempted at East Coast Cycle, in which 3 juvenile males were taken in custody and charged with burglary and other offenses.

Make your security camera work for you

The Bensalem PD is asking homeowners to set their cameras to send an alert when there is movement on their property and dial 9-1-1 if they see someone around their vehicles and home.

“Motion-activated lights are not enough.”

The department has also set up a portal for homeowners to upload their videos of any suspicious persons captured by their cameras to help police identify suspects and establish patterns of activity.



Source: via Bensalem Police Department



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