During the early morning hours of August 17th, the Bensalem Police Department responded to 3 vehicle thefts in Eddington. This was in addition to a commercial burglary attempt at East Coast Cycle on Bristol Pike in which 3 juvenile males were taken in custody and charged with burglary and other offenses.

The 3 vehicle thefts had one thing in common though…

The keys were left in the cars

The first theft was reported at the Wawa on Bristol Pike around 2:30 am, where the owner went into the store with the car unlocked and the keys in the ignition. 2 males wearing all black were seen entering the vehicle, and then driving it south on Bristol.

The second theft was reported around 6:00 am at Elwood Avenue, where a white Hyundai Elantra was taken in front of the house. The car was unlocked with the keys left inside.

The last theft was reported around 6:20 am at Bowman Avenue. This time a black Ford Fusion was stolen from the driveway of the home. The car was said to have been locked, however, a keyfob had been left in the vehicle.

Coincidence or Organization

With the East Coast Cycle burglary happening at 1:30 am, the Bensalem Police are investigating with an eye on all the incidents being related.

“This may be an organized group of individuals that targeted our community last night. Bensalem Police are diligently working to identify and arrest the persons that committed these vehicle thefts. “

Ultimately, all the thefts happened because the owners/operators left the cars either unlocked or unlocked with the keys presumably in open view.

The Bensalem Police Department is reminding everyone to take their keys/keyfobs, remove their valuables and lock their vehicles anytime they are not driving.

If you have any information about these vehicle thefts please contact the Bensalem Police at  (215) 633-3719 or you can submit an anonymous tip via this link.



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