Tomorrow It Gets Real! $100 Fines Go Into Effect

The 60-day grace period ends tomorrow June 1st. The two red light cameras on Knights Road and Street Road, and Route 1 and Old Lincoln Highway will be in full effect.

The warnings issued during the grace period turn into $100 fines if your vehicle is caught with the front of your vehicle behind the white stop line on the roadway when the traffic signal turns red, and your vehicle continues through the intersection despite the red signal.

However, if you’re driving through a yellow light and the vehicle’s rear wheels are behind the stop line and the light turns red will not be considered a violation.

With over 5000 violations captured in the program’s first 30 days, Bensalem drivers would be advised to slow down a bit and stay attentive to the stop lights at both of those intersections in either direction.  While the fines carry no points for your license, a $100 violation is no drop in the bucket and drivers who don’t pay their fines can and will be subject to collections.

There will be an appeal process

If you receive a red light camera violation, you can appeal the ticket and have a closed-door hearing at the Bensalem township building. If after that hearing, you are still found to be in violation, you can appeal in Doylestown.

The Red Light Cameras are here to stay

Two factors shape our opinion here. First, the program incurs no cost to the township. Second, the cameras recorded 5,000 violations in just 30 days. Additionally, when one of your town’s intersections is labeled the most dangerous intersection in America, officials are likely to seize any opportunity to improve that distinction.

While the township does not receive any money from this program the town sees the program as a no-cost way to increase safety while driving and walking in Bensalem. And the accident which sent 5 people to the hospital last Friday goes to show we need more safe driving.


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