The Bensalem Bus Incident, What We Know

Despite the silence from Bensalem school officials for nearly a week, we do have some additional details thanks to a probable cause affidavit.

As reported on November 5th, the incident began around 6:40 AM, when 40-year-old Elliott Smith Jr. boarded a school bus at Brownsville Road and Weldon Avenue and sat alone. A student then texted their family saying there was a stranger on the bus.

The family then called the Bensalem School District transportation office and Dave Shapp would then call the police.

Elliott Smith Jr. allegedly walked onto the with four students around 6:30 AM at the intersection of Hillside Ave and Bristol Rd. then sat alone in the second row of the bus while the bus to Brownsville Rd and Weldon Ave, according to a probable cause affidavit.

At around 6:45 AM Bucks County radio received a call about a strange man wearing a hoodie, and medical mask, and carrying a backpack and plastic trash bag on Bus #16 headed for Bensalem High School.

Police would then intercept the school bus about four miles away at Mechanicsville and Galloway roads, taking Smith into custody without incident.

Smith allegedly told officers that he was aware he was aboard a school bus.

Smith did have an active bench warrant for resisting arrest out of the Montco Sheriff’s Office.

Bensalem police interviewed the school bus driver, George Hicks, who said he picked up five passengers at his first stop at 6:30 AM, which usually has four students.

Hicks then said he was contacted by the transportation office that a student on his bus reported that there was an unknown man sitting on it.

Hicks said it was dark and foggy and did not realize that the subject was not a student at first.

The only comment we have from the school district about last week’s incident was posted to their website Friday evening, saying “that as an active investigation district cannot comment any further at this time”.

Elliott Smith Jr. is currently being held at the Bucks County Corrections Center.


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