Red Light Cameras Coming to Bensalem

A change to the Automated Red-Light Enforcement Systems ordinance is bringing Red Light Cameras to two Bensalem Intersections.

Bensalem joins Abington and Philadelphia with Red Light Camera systems.

The first two targeted intersections are Knights and Street roads, and Route 1 and Old Lincoln Highway.

Time Magazine had named the Knights and Street Rd intersection, the most dangerous intersection in America.

The company handling the installations and maintenance will also process the tickets and perform collections on overdue tickets. Cameras will capture the license plate of speeders and process the tickets automatically.

There is no cost to the township.

Once the Bensalem Township Council gives final approval for the program, it will take between 30 and 60 for full system optimization.

For the first 60 days of implementation, violators will receive a warning but after that grace period tickets will be $100.00. However, no points will be assessed on the car owner’s license.

Drivers will be able to contest violations, as cameras can be triggered by another event such as a funeral procession.

Should the pilot program be successful at the first two intersections, the Bensalem Council will almost certainly consider rolling it out to other intersections in the township.

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  1. joseph ryan s on

    glad i got out of that town when i did so corrupt you need to die to get a new council or mayor
    i remember joe the real-estate guy state town council who sent police officer to school and they slapped the officer down saying traffic engineering and Harrisburg who makes the laws . dont know what there doing he and the then council knows traffic regulations better

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