Mayor Cancels Neshaminy Mall Spring Carnival


To the Editor:

Re “Mayor Cancels Neshaminy Mall Spring Carnival

I haven’t lived in Bensalem as long as most of my neighbors, I moved here about 12 years ago. But it seems to me Bensalem is becoming just like so many a suburban town, they forget about the kids.

So now the spring Carnival is done, what replaces it? A car ride to a town with one to spend a few hours and more than a few dollars somewhere other than Bensalem?

Bensalem has already given up on summer weekends. You have the Wednesday Amphitheater concerts but other than that what? I don’t think I’m aware of a great Amphitheater that’s so underused. It’s not hard to book local bands or DJs for a summer weekend.

Hell, just think how much the BHS could raise if they were allowed to have the Jazz Band play there a few times a year. It would certainly go a long way in letting everyone know what a great program they have going on over there.

Let’s not even get into the Bensalem Police admitting that with over 100 officers they say they couldn’t handle the carnival. We know they can handle the Amphitheater. We know they can handle the Fall Festival.

Why can’t the town council and the Mayor come up with things to do that open Bensalem up to new and different things? Give people things to do during the summer other than leave Bensalem.

And good lord give kids and teens options. The Senior Center closes early every day, how about turning it into a teen club in the evening?



To the Editor:

I was going in a completely different direction when I sat down to write this. I read that letter about nothing to do in Bensalem and I said to myself, this person doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Either that or he just doesn’t know what’s happening around town. So I set out to prove him wrong, I went to the town’s website to check everything going on this weekend, Memorial Day weekend had to be pretty busy. Holy Hanna was I wrong! Nothing on the calendar. So then I checked Patch because they always have a list or two with things to do. Strike two! Anything they had listed was everywhere other than Bensalem. You know, in the “Bensalem area”.

I went back to the town calendar and sure enough, there was an event listed on a Wednesday, June 5th, for the senior games. Something I didn’t know about and the town didn’t send any notice about. I checked the town news and I even went back and checked my emails because I subscribe to the notifications. Nothing. I had to laugh because Evan’s letter was right. This town has a thing for Wednesdays. And I guess he was right about nothing for the kids either. I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t want to check out the senior games. Hell, I’m 64 and don’t think I’m all that interested yet. Maybe if they have some pickleball.

Evan, if your ears were burning today that was probably me. But when you’re right, you’re right. I guess I was just remembering a different time. Things have changed and I suppose when you get to a certain age you don’t notice it the same way you used to. Sorry Evan.

How about it Mr. Mayor, let’s get something going in town again. More than just things to do on a Wednesday. I get the teenagers are all about videogames and that tick-tock but something for the little ones? Or 64-year-olds that don’t feel their age? I used to go to that carnival too.

George D.


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