Delaware Valley Residential Care Gets Final Approval From Bensalem Township

Delaware Valley Residential Care will break ground later this year on an 8-acre, 90-room state-of-the-art facility at 875 Mill Rd. which will care for Patients recovering from acute traumatic brain injuries.

The plans call for the facility to be built on an undeveloped parcel of land across from the over 100 old St. Valentine’s Polish National Catholic Church’s cemetery, leaving the cemetery untouched.

The center had received zoning approval for a special exception on 15 acres of property in which it is acquiring 8 acres with St. Valentine’s retaining ownership.

The center plans to build five separate residential buildings, each with six units containing three beds, a community kitchen, and a day hub center, where residents can work on life skills.

The Warminster-based Delaware Valley Residential Care expects to create roughly 125 new positions to serve the patients with a number of those high-paying jobs being marketed to Bensalem community residents first.

The facility will be a fenced and secured site with a security outpost on Mill Rd. benefiting both the Bensalem community and Delaware Valley Residential Care residents.

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