The Bensalem Police announce zero tolerance policy for ATVs and Motorcycles and that their Motor Patrol Unit has begun patrolling for these vehicles that ride illegally on private property and streets in Bensalem.
We have taken a ZERO tolerance stance on this type of activity. If you are found to be riding in violation of Pennsylvania laws, we will seize your motorcycle or ATV and you will be cited for any and all violations no matter your age.
Bensalem Police also noted that the Motor Patrol Unit seized a number of motorcycles and ATVs in the area of Bristol Rd and Grove Ave. An area police said has been significantly impacted by riders that disregard traffic laws and trespass on private property.
Bensalem Police Announce Zero Tolerance Policy for ATVs and Motorcycles
Via: Bensalem Police Department
Bensalem Police said they will utilize the department’s ATVs, drones and other technology to identify, locate, seize, and/or cite anyone engaged in this illegal activity.

The announcement also had a special notice for parents stating, You will be held responsible for the actions of your children including the payment of all fines. It would benefit you to have a talk with your kids and let them know that riding on roadways and private property is against the law and you should discourage this type of activity.

Sourced via Bensalem Police Department

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