Bensalem Police Announce 10 Retail Theft Arrests

Township Police announced 10 arrests from May 31st through June 6th, restating their commitment to a zero-tolerance policy towards “retail thefts and will arrest anyone detained or identified as committing these crimes”.

The department will post a list of people arrested for Retail Theft and related charges in Bensalem Township each week.

Bensalem Police Announce 10 Retail Theft Arrests
via Bensalem Police


The Bensalem Township Police Department, in partnership with the Bensalem Township Economic Development Corporation and local business owners, has launched Bensalem Secure. Bensalem Secure is a multifaceted approach to reducing retail theft in the township and beyond.


Take a look at our Retail Theft section to see if you help identify other suspects.


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