Amazon Fresh: The Magical Mystery Store

There have been reports since April of this year about progress at the Amazon Fresh location on Street Road. Many have pointed to new permits issued in December of last year by the developer for refrigerator units. This work was completed in February.

If you’ve passed by the store in the last few weeks, you may have noticed some interior work being done. A peek inside reveals some shelving units in the store, which is a positive sign. There have also been some rumors of some hiring for the location.

Bensalem Township is also in the dark; the last they heard was that the store was supposed to open in November 2022. Besides the permits and the workers around the building, officials know as much as we do.

Our interest will pique when the signage makes its way back on the front of the store but we’re not holding our breath.

No one here thinks the store will bring any value shopping to Bensalem in any case. Time will tell.

The yearly Amazon Fresh drama timeline *UPDATED*

Update: July 2024“What is new is last month, Amazon Retail LLC applied to extend the licensed premises, which requires posting the orange public notice placard, Kelly said. The LCB is currently reviewing the application. What it means is the plans originally approved for the physical area where alcohol will be sold (which is where the licenses covers) has changed, Kelly said.” via

May 2024 – “Long-Awaited Amazon Fresh May Be Moving Toward An Opening”

June 2023 – “Amazon Fresh Empty Store An ‘Eyesore,’ Bensalem Mayor Says”

December 2022 – “‘Zombie’ Amazon Grocery Stores Pile Up as Openings Grind to a Halt”

August 2022 – Amazon employees say “the Bensalem Township store, they said, is the company’s first priority.”

May 2021 – “the worst kept secret in Bensalem that the site is slated to be an Amazon grocery store”


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