A Police Situation at Bensalem High School

Less than two weeks after the “Bensalem Bus Incident” Bensalem High School parents received another ominous text message Wednesday around 2:30 pm informing them to check their email regarding a “situation” at the school earlier in the day.

The situation turned out to involve a BHS student and an investigation by the Bensalem Police Department.

There was a situation earlier today at Bensalem High School that involved a BHS student and an investigation connected to the Bensalem Township Police Department. There are no safety concerns at this time for any students or staff at Bensalem High School. The situation is a police matter, and the District can have no further comment. As always, we value the communication and trust between the District, the Bensalem Township Police Department, and the community to keep our students and staff safe.


Mr. Frank Flanagan
Principal- Bensalem High School

Once again parents are left with no further details from the school, the Bensalem School District, or the Bensalem Police.

Speaking with one parent who declined to be identified had this to say:

“A situation implies this was more than the police showing up to ask a kid a question for an investigation. It implies something happened that caused some sort of scene where kids were present and witnessed.”

“Once again, we’re left in the dark as to what happened today. We’re still waiting for the district to get back to us with their investigation of what happened with the bus. The lack of transparency concerning our children is infuriating.”

As of this writing, there are no updates from the Bensalem School District or the Bensalem Police. Requests for details have so far gone unanswered.



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